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How to Improve Your Legal English with 4LegalEnglish is working hard to provide you many different ways to improve your Legal English skills. Learn more below.

How to improve Legal English

Blog Articles

By reading through the blog articles on the 4LegalEnglish website, you can improve your Legal English skills. We have articles about Law in the News, the US Legal System, or about Legal English. In addition, other areas of the law are coming soon.

Online Tutoring

Legal English Conversational

Legal English Conversational is our tutoring course. You can meet one-on-one with the instructor and practice your conversational skills. You can purchase 5 lessons or 12 lessons. 

The instructor will work with you during the first lesson on a plan to improve your Legal English Conversational skills. Consequently, the topics and format of the lessons will be tailored to your individual needs. Possible topics:

  • discussing a specific area of law
  • discussing a specific landmark case or recent development in the law
  • improving writing skills
  • role-playing a discussion with a client/opposing counsel/judge
  • discussing the lessons from our online courses (if you are taking one of those courses)

The lessons will take place virtually, via Zoom or similar platform. To learn more, click here.

Online Courses

Elemental Legal English

This is the first course in our Legal English curriculum and a great place to start. This course features 12 modules and is designed to be a 12 week university level course.

Above all, you can complete the lessons at your own pace. The modules contain:

  • Lexicon words - each module has a list of legal terms and their definitions that are related to that module's topic. You can download and print these to study and review from.
  • Video-lessons, where we discuss a new topic
  • Followed by short quizzes, that test and reinforce your understanding of the lesson
  • Grammar block and quiz - discussing a point of grammar that is often confusing or misunderstood
  • Idiom block and quiz - teaching common idioms that are used in the professional environment of law and business
  • Landmark case precedent (a court decision from an American or English court) with sections for reading, discussion/listening, and quizzes. This is a great way to improve your reading comprehension and understanding of using court decisions as precedent.
  • Flashcards of the lexicon words - this is a great way to review the new term and focus on the words that you are having trouble with.
  • Module test at the end, where you can demonstrate your understanding of the new terms by using them in sentences.

Learn more about Elemental Legal English.

Elemental Legal English Gold

This course includes the Elemental Legal English, but with some extras!

Elemental Legal English Gold

In addition to the online course, Gold students will also receive:

  • 4 Live Webinars (with Limited number of students)
  • 2 private coaching video-calls of 60 minutes each 
  • This is a great way to interact with the instructor and ask any questions about the course or the topics discussed. These tutoring sessions should be spaced as you complete the course.

    Moreover, by including these virtual tutoring sessions, you will enhance your understanding of the material and get even more out of the course! Learn more about Elemental Legal English Gold.

    Intro to Legal English

    Not sure if you are ready to purchase Elemental Legal English? Then try our free course: Intro to Legal English!

    Intro to Legal English

    This short course is a few of the lessons of Elemental Legal English. In short, this is a great way to try our online course before you buy.

    Enroll in Intro to Legal English for free.


    We are working on producing an audio podcast for our followers. This will be 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times per week. We will discuss Law in the News, Law in Practice, Legal Writing, Landmark Cases, and other legal topics. 

    4 Legal English Podcast

    Listening to the podcast is a great way to improve your listening skills, as well as your understanding of the legal issues discussed. Of course, by listening you will also learn new legal terms as well.

    Look for the podcast to start soon!

    What are you doing to improve your Legal English skills? Are there other topics we should include? Comment below and let us know!


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