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This course was my first step in Legal English. After graduation of the course I did not need any extra classes to pass the exam of legal English skills (TOLES exam). I was satisfied with my results, as before I had not had the opportunity to use English in practice, but after the course I was able to discuss legal issues without any problem.

Maria Shirinyani, Attorney (and former student)

What You Will Get in Our ELE Gold Course

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Elemental Legal English

ELE Gold includes Elemental Legal English (and then some!)

Elemental Legal English features 12 modules and is designed to be a 12 week course. This is based on a university length course for law students, which is also taught to practicing lawyers and judges.

Each includes:

  • Lexicon words - each module has a list of legal terms and their definitions that are related to that module's topic. You can download and print these to study and review from.
  • Video-lessons, where we discuss a new topic
  • Followed by short quizzes, that test and reinforce your understanding of the lesson
  • Grammar block and quiz - discussing a point of grammar that is often confusing or misunderstood
  • Idiom block and quiz - teaching common idioms that are used in the professional environment of law and business
  • Landmark case precedent (a court decision from an American or English court) with sections for reading, discussion/listening, and quizzes. This is a great way to improve your reading comprehension and understanding of using court decisions as precedent.
  • Flashcards of the lexicon words - this is a great way to review the new term and focus on the words that you are having trouble with.
  • Module test at the end, where you can demonstrate your understanding of the new terms by using them in sentences.
  • 2

    Live Webinars

    In addition to the online course, ELE Gold offers 4 live webinars, conducted with the instructor (Timothy Barrett) and ELE Gold students. 

    These webinars will take place as virtual meetings with a limited number of students - no more than 5.

    The students can ask questions about the lessons, or anything else related to Legal English. Although the instructor will have some topics ready to discuss, it is up to the students to decide what should be covered and what is the bet use of the time.

    Webinar Meeting


    Private Coaching Video Calls

    ELE Gold students will have 2 private coaching video-calls.

    Each video call will be 60 minutes. The virtual meeting will be between the student and the instructor (Timothy Barrett). This is a 1-on-1 coaching call. 

    This coaching call is a great way to practice your conversational skills. You can spend this call discussing legal issues you deal with in your own practice, or in discussing the material in the ELE course, or anything else relevant to improving your Legal English skills.

    virtual meeting
    Elemental Legal English Gold

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    What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

    You can improve your communication skills

    This Legal English Course helped me to improve my legal vocabulary, writing, and speaking as well. This course is fully oriented to law students. In the workplace, dealing with papers and documents, I realized the importance of legal English, and I am grateful I studied this course at the university.

    My favorite part of this course was case briefs, exercises, and oral briefings. Even the preparation for the exam was very interesting because of the syllabus. Also, we had a round table and discussed many important issues in the legal context.

    I would recommend this course to others for three main reasons. First, it helps you to develop professionally. Second, you can improve your communication skills. And, third, learn many significant words necessary for the legal environment.

    I would recommend this instructor to others for several reasons. He is a native speaker and has highly organized teaching methods. Also, if you are lost or confused that something is unclear, he is always ready to help you. Last but not least, you will find a friendly environment in his class. I think Legal English is important for every lawyer. It helps you to become more confident and leads to a better, successful future.

    Mariam Skhulukhia Lawyer

    For foreign clients it is very important to know legal English

    During the course I was engaged to learn specific legal terms from civil and administrative law, drafting legal documents, letters complaints for courts, etc. I improved the style of writing and how to transfer my opinions into the paper shorty and reasonably. My favorite part was oral arguments. it improves students or interested persons skills concerning the writing and afterwards presenting oral arguments. Helps you how to analyse the important parts of the legal text.

    Instructor is very friendly, he helps students to understand better each issue, speaks slowly and concentrates to the substantive parts of the class. His experience comes from the various parts of legal environment, so he can share his working and academic experience to students.

    For lawyers, legal English is an integral part of their career. Many legal materials and scholarly writings are in English concerning the academic sphere. If you are a practicing lawyer, for foreign clients, it is very important to know legal English at an advance level.

    Tamar Simonishvili Law student

    This course helped me

    This course helped me with gaining skills in general English language and especially in legal English. I am using gained knowledge everyday, especially, during negotiation processes and while drafting the contracts!

    My favorite parts of the course were: great professor, interesting and helpful materials and constructive feedback. I would recommend this course as it gives specific knowledge in foreign language which provides the opportunity to become more successful and demanding professional The instructor is highly skilled professional, who has a high level of knowledge, can manage course successfully and has great relationship with students.

    Learning legal terms is important for career, especially during globalization processes, where legal English is mostly used, as international contracts are drafted in the English language. Today it is not enough just to know general English as in business world communication process became more professional and specialized.

    Mariami Lawyer

    Great Course!

    Great course!!! Very informative and interesting! Easy to follow and understand.

    Tamar Jincharadze LLM Student

    Great Opportunity!

    I recommend this course as a great opportunity to learn legal English!

    Nino Kharazishvili

    Highly recommended

    Highly recommended!

    Eva Utavsauri
    Elemental Legal English Gold

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