About 4 Legal English

Dedicated to providing valuable training to improve your Legal English skills.

Our head of instruction is Timothy Barrett, who has been teaching Legal English in Georgia for several years. He has taught over 1,000 students, including bachelor’s and master’s students, practicing attorneys, translators, and judges.

While teaching students online during the 2020 pandemic, it became obvious that virtual lectures alone were not effective. When teaching in-person, interactive lectures are a great way to learn a subject; however, that give-and-take is very limited when the lectures are virtual.  This website was designed to address many of the deficiencies in online lectures, while taking advantage of the possibilities that are available with an online course – which can be an advantage over in-person classes. In short, we are trying to maximize the advantages of an online course, while minimizing the disadvantages.

We can do better than this.


Our mission is to provide the opportunity to improve your Legal English Skills. By improving their skills, our students are able to enhance their competence and their abilities as lawyers, making them more marketable and more successful over time.


Our Vision is to recognize the potential of each of our students and strive to enhance our students' prowess in Legal English.


  1. Improve your understanding of Legal English terms and collocations
  2. Improve your use of technical terms and terms of arts common in Legal English
  3. Improve your listening and reading skills

4 Business English is a companion website, found at www.4business-english.com. The focus on that website is to help English learners who want to improve their Business English skills.


4Business-English.com and 4LegalEnglish.com are part of Ataraxia Enterprises LLC and based in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

Ataraxia Enterprises LLC 

3 Kavtaradze Turn

Tbilisi, Georgia

Email: info@4legalenglish.com


Registered as a Limited Liability Company with the Registry of Entrepreneurs and Non-Entrepreneurial in Georgia. 

Identification Number: 405417311

Director of Online Instruction: Timothy Barrett

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