Increase your Competence as a Lawyer by Improving your Legal English skills

Do you need to discuss legal issues in English?  Are you looking for a way to improve your Legal English skills?

Hi, I'm Timothy Barrett

I help lawyers and law students understand difficult Legal English terms and collocations without an expensive and time-consuming in-person course. Take my online course that you can complete in your own home or office (or wherever you are) and at your own pace.

I have taught Legal English to law students, practicing lawyers, and judges - over 1,000 students overall. I was a practicing attorney in the United States and have been teaching law in Georgia for the last several years.

Let me help you improve your Legal English and communication skills.

Discover 4 Legal English

Increase your Knowledge of Legal English Terms

This course will teach you important Legal English terms used by lawyers and give you examples of how these terms are used.

Lexicon Workbook

You will receive access to the Lexicon Workbook, which includes many Legal English Terms and their definitions. You can download and even print this out!

Intro to Legal English is a free e-course that will introduce you to 4 Legal English and our resources. You can complete this online course at your own pace and in your own time. This course will explain important Legal English terms and concepts, help you practice using these terms, and give you the opportunity to review until you know them cold.

By improving your Legal English skills, you will be increasing your competence as a lawyer.

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Improve your Reading Comprehension Skills

We will review a famous court decision and use this case to improve your reading comprehension skills.

Review the New Material

It is one thing to passively listen, it is another to be actively engaged. When students are actively engaged and challenged to recall the material just learned, then that learning is much deeper and longer lasting. This course includes many interactive learning steps: simple quizzes, fill in the blank sentences, and even flashcards. This is a very effective way to really learn this new material. 

Course main benefits

This online course will introduce you to important Legal English terms and concepts.

  • 5 Video Lessons, each followed with a Quiz to test your understanding of the material covered
  • Discussion of a famous Court Case still studied by countless law students
  • Review the new Legal English terms with Flashcards, which can be used again and again
  • Lexicon Workbook of Legal English terms which you can download and study from (pdf)

Many legal professionals find themselves with a need to communicate legal concepts in English, but find it difficult to do this. Without knowing the proper words and vocabulary that lawyers use, it is challenging to discuss legal issues. To competently discuss important legal matters, it is paramount to understand the vocabulary that lawyers use.

Intro to Legal English

See How Easily You Can Improve your Legal English Skills

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Great Course!

Great course!!! Very informative and interesting! Easy to follow and understand.

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I recommend this course as a great opportunity to learn legal English!

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I like this course.

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