November 12


Rittenhouse Trial Livestream

This murder trial is just wrapping up and can be watched online. Rikieta Law is providing a Rittenhouse Trial Livestream. If you are interested in watching a trial, this is a great opportunity. 

Kyle Rittenhouse is accused of two counts of murder, one count of attempted murder, and some additional charges. This took place on 25 August 2020, when the city was rioting. Unsurprisingly, the defense is claiming self-defense.

For those curious about a criminal trial, this trial is a great chance to observe the criminal court process in action. Fortuitously, there is a livestream that involves several lawyers providing commentary, which is worth checking out. 

Rekieta's Livestream of the Trial

Here is Rekieta Law's YouTube Channel. Nick Rekieta is a lawyer and YouTuber that makes videos about legal topics.  He has been livestreaming the entire trial, offering commentary himself and with several other lawyers/YouTubers. During the livestream, the others will join and leave, as their time allows. 

The Day 9 coverage, above, has over 737,000 views. The Day 8 livestream reached over 814,000 views. This is amazing accomplishment; this YouTube channel has been seen by more viewers than some of the mainstream coverage of the trial. 

Rekieta and the others offer commentary and analysis, while the trial is occurring. Although this may be challenging if you have a difficult time listening and understanding, if you can follow along then you will be able to learn a great deal from their insights and collective wisdom.

Rittenhouse Trial

Rittenhouse Takes the Stand

In Day 8, the Defendant testified. Usually, defendants do not testify, instead taking advantage of their 5th Amendment right. Of course, when they do choose to testify, the prosecutor gets the opportunity to cross-examine them.

In the video below, you can see the judge chastise the prosecutor for his misconduct during that cross-examination. (go to 4:33:07 to see the judge discuss this with the prosecutor.)

Click to play

What do you think of this trial? 

What will the jury decide?

Comment below with your thoughts or questions! 


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