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Writing Memos | Legal Writing | Podcast 009

4 Legal English Podcast | Episode 009

In this episode, we discuss writing memos. We will explain what memos are commonly used for,  how lawyers or law firms often used them, tips for writing them, and why you may want to start writing them.

Some reasons you may want to start writing memos: 

  1. Helps you organize your thoughts or arguments;
  2. Understand the situation better;
  3. Refresh your recollection later, when you may have forgotten some of the details
  4. Improve your writing and organization; 
  5. Impress your boss.

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Writing Memos | Legal Writing

Writing Memos

Legal Writing Course

We are working on a new Legal Writing course to be offered in 2022. 

This course would consist of video lessons, writing assignments, and live review/feedback sessions. Because of the written feedback required for this course, class size will be limited, perhaps to 5-10 students.

Students would learn about the new topics in the classes. 

The first few classes would set the scene and introduce students to the course (with some simple assignments but without serious writing assignments). After the initial classes, each class would end with a writing assignment, which the students would work on and submit. Then, there would be a review session, where general comments on the writing would be included, with some feedback for each student, as well as written review would be returned to each student. To improve writing it is important to write, receive feedback, then make corrections on a revised draft, which is what this course would do.

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Improve your Legal English

Interested in improving your Legal English skills? Learn about our one on one tutoring program, Legal English Conversational. Or consider one of our courses, such as Elemental Legal English

Our free course, Intro to Legal English, is a great way to start. 

4 Legal English Podcast

What do you think of this episode? Do you write memos in your practice? If not, what kind of writing do you use instead?

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