November 19


Announcement: 4 Legal English Podcast

We have started our own 4 Legal English Podcast!

Welcome to the 4 Legal English Podcast, this is the show for lawyers, law students, and other professionals from all over the world who want to improve both their Legal English and Legal knowledge.

4 Legal English Podcast

Timothy Barrett is the host of the new podcast, and the instructor of our courses. 

Some of the topics the podcast will cover:

  • Law in Practice

  • Law in the News

  • Legal Writing

  • Landmark Cases

  • Legal Movies

The first episode is a short introduction. 

You can listen to the podcast here, or anywhere where you can find podcasts!

4 Legal English Podcast

Please subscribe, rate us 5 stars, and leave a review! 

4 Legal English Podcast main page is Here


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