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If you are in the legal field and need or desire to communicate in English, then our programs for you. These courses will help you improve your Legal English Skills. The legal field, like any field, has many terms of are and collocations used by those in the field. It is important to understand these and use them correctly in order to be seen as a professional. Read more Here.

Prof. Timothy Barrett teaches the offered courses. He has taught Legal English to over 1,000 students, including judges, practicing attorneys, master’s students, and bachelor students. Read more about him Here.

When your attorneys improve their Legal English skills, your whole law firm can benefit. Today, law firms look for new attorneys that speak more than one language – usually the local language and English. If your law firm is seeking to improve the Legal English skills of your attorneys, our courses can help. Please Contact us if you want training for five or more in order to obtain a discount for your firm. 

Yes. Elemental Legal English and Intermediate Legal English are calibrated to help students prepare for the TOLES Foundation and Higher exams, respectively.

After successfully completing one of our courses, each student will receive a Certificate by email. This certificate can be printed and displayed and included in your personal records. 

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