Why Study Legal English

Why Study Legal English?

In the 21st Century, globalization is well under way. Every industry and field is impacted by this – including the legal profession. 

Successful lawyers need many skill sets. One of these is the ability to discuss legal matters in English. You may have international clients that you need to communicate with, or perhaps you need to discuss legal issues with international colleagues. Everyday English is not sufficient – proper Legal English skills are required.

In everyday English, terms are used very generally; in Legal English, there are specific terms of art and legal jargon. Most dictionaries do not provide the legal terms used by professionals. Attorneys use and understand this legal Lexicon; frequently non-attorneys do not. 

You need to understand Legal English terms and collocations if you are going to: 1) give legal advice to a client; 2) negotiate with another attorney; 3) make legal arguments in front of an international tribunal; or 4) simply meet and network with colleagues at an international conference. 

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