Conversational Skills in Legal English

Our courses will help you improve both your Listening and  Speaking Skills 

Use our Legal English programs to improve your skills and expand your abilities as a lawyer.


video lessons

Each module has several short video lessons that discuss new material. After the lessons, there are interactive quizzes to test your knowledge. This is a great way to practice and improve your listening skills. If a lesson, or one part of a lesson, is challenging for you, simply go back and review it until it is understandable.


CAse Law & Listening Exercises

These cases are what Common Law lawyers use to understand the law and make legal arguments. Our courses include abridged versions of actual cases that American law students would study. You will Listen to a discussion of that case and then test your comprehension of both.


grammar blocks

A general English grammar block is included in each module. This lesson will help improve your general English skills and explain some concepts that many students have had difficulties with. Each section includes an interactive assessment to practice your skills!



Included in our course are lessons on English Idioms.

Idioms are expressions that can be difficult to understand, even if you know all of the words in the phrase. These idioms are discussed, and several examples are given. Being familiar with common business and legal idioms will help make conversation easier.

Our Courses will help you Improve Your Conversational Skills

Learn to converse using Legal English terms and discuss important legal issues with your clients or colleagues … even if you have no earlier experience or formal training!

Speaking and Listening are important skills necessary for every lawyer. You may need to converse with international clients or colleagues about complex legal issues. By improving these vital skills, you will increase both your confidence and your competence as a lawyer. 

Our instructor is a native English speaker and an experienced American Lawyer. He has taught Legal English to over 1,000 students. He has also taught oral advocacy and moot court skills to students. Oral advocacy is a very important skill for every lawyer and the more practice one has, the easier it becomes. 

How our courses can help

Our courses can help improve your conversational skills, both listening and speaking. By taking our courses, your ability to converse in English, about complicated legal topics, will vastly improve. 


By listening to our video lessons and listening exercises, you will improve your listening skills. If you have trouble understanding, you can rewind the video and listen again - until you are satisfied.


During the lessons, you will be asked questions and expected to respond. By answering these questions out loud, you will greatly improve your speaking skills. The more you practice speaking out loud, especially about legal topics, the easier it will become.


For even more practice speaking and listening, you could choose:  

Elemental Legal English Gold, which features Live Webinars and private coaching video-calls

Legal English Conversational, private lessons of 1on1 tutoring

Legal English Conversational
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