January 26


New Legal Writing Course

4 Legal English announces the launch of our newest course: Elemental Legal Writing.

Elemental Legal Writing is our first legal writing course. This is a great course for international lawyers and law students to improve your legal writing skills. 

This course will be Cohort Learning - all the students will start and complete the course together.  Because of the nature of the course, it will be very limited in size: no more than 10 students in the cohort. 


At the weekly webinar, students can interact with the instructor and the other students. During this video conference, the instructor will give some general feedback on the last assignment and some tips for the current assignment - but most of the time will be for students to ask questions

Students will also help each other by peer-reviewing each other's writing assignments. This is a great way to to improve your own writing as well: it is difficult to objectively edit or proofread your own writing - but by doing this for someone else's writing, you will begin to see some of the mistakes you have also made. 

The 1st Cohort will be opening for enrollment on 10 February, and the course will begin the end of the month.


This course will focus on professional legal writing. This is an excellent way for international lawyers or law students to improve their writing skills. The 14 writing assignments include short memos, letters, emails, and the student's CV. 

Each writing assignment will consist of three drafts. This will allow the student to receive meaningful feedback to revise their writing - which will lead to improving writing skills. 

For more information, go to the course page here

Note: Before enrollment begins, you can register for an early invitation to enroll! Take advantage of this and receive up to 50% off the normal price.


Legal Writing

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