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Take this online legal writing course with a live cohort of students to improve your legal writing skills. The course focuses on outlines, professional emails, professional letters, and memos.

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Why You Need Elemental Legal Writing

This course will be Cohort Learning - each student starts at the same time and all will complete the course together on a fixed schedule.

Because of the written feedback required for this course, class size is limited to only 10 students.

This is an intense 20-week course, where students will learn to improve their legal writing by writing, reviewing feedback, and revising their writing. This is the most effective way to improve one's writing.

This course consists of: 15 classes; 14 writing assignments - each with 3 drafts; and 20 live review/feedback sessions.

This course is designed for lawyers and law students who are not native English speakers, but who want to be able to write professionally in English and to learn how lawyers from the United States write.

There are 14 different writing assignments, including memos, letters, and emails. These are the common means lawyers use to communicate - and it is very important for an attorney to write well.

Many writing courses provide little constructive feedback or a chance to revise the writing submitted. The best way to improve one's writing is to revise the writing. Of course, it is important to consider constructive feedback before revising. In this course, each student will peer review others' writing and receive this feedback for their own. Then, the student will revise and resubmit the writing. They will also receive feedback from the instructor for the 2nd and 3rd drafts.

Course Format



The classes will teach new material and contain the next writing assignment(s). Some of these classes will be pre-recorded and available to be watched online; some will be live classes with students invited to attend, but will be recorded and available to be watched again by the students.


Writing Assignments

Each writing assignment will have three drafts that will be submitted. The 1st Draft will be peer-reviewed by another student in the cohort, and each student will peer review another student's writing. The 2nd and 3rd Drafts will be reveiewed by the instructor. For each draft, written feedback will be given to the student. Re-writing and correcting is one of the most effective ways to improve your writing.


Live Webinars

Each week we will have a live webinar. The instructor will review some general feedback/observations from the last assignment and tips for the next assignment, and students can ask questions. These webinars will be recorded and available for students to watch later.

Course main features

Elemental Legal Writing will introduce you to writing like a legal professional in English. This is a very effective way to improve your legal writing schools.


Each class will be a small cohort of students. All the students of the cohort will start at the same time and complete the course together. Students can easily communicate with each other and the instructor through the course pages.


The instructor was a practicing lawyer from the United States, who has been teaching law, legal writing, academic writing, and legal English for the past several years. 


For each writing assignment, you will receive written feedback on how to improve your writing. You can use this to revise the writing and submit the next draft. 

Online Community

Beyond the classes and webinars, students can interact with each other and the instructor through the forum. This small community will be helpful in improving your writing skills and completing the course.

Weekly Webinar

Every week, the entire cohort will meet and discuss their progress, specifically the last assignment and the current assignment. Students will ask questions to the instructor and make sure they understand what was covered in the class and what is expected in the writing.


The course is designed to allow students to revise their writing twice - each assignment will have 3 drafts. This is a great opportunity to improve the writing and take to heart the feedback provided.

Who should take this course?

This is an excellent course for:

Lawyers / Law Students

Lawyers or law students who have a good level of English, but are looking to improve their professional/legal writing skills.

Future L.L.M. Students

For students preparing for an LLM in the United States (or anywhere else if studying in English), this will be a great course to help prepare.


Lawyers who have international clients or colleagues whom they write to in English.

Vital Features of This Course


  • This course focuses on writing
  • There are 14 different writing assignments, including memos, letters, and emails. 
  • These are the common means that lawyers frequently use to communicate (with clients, opposing counsel, colleagues, etc.).


  • Features multiple forms of feedback, from other students and the instructor
  • Many courses provide little (or no) constructive feedback after submitting a writing assignment
  • Students also give feedback to other students. By learning to correct other students' work, it becomes easier to correct your own.


  • Each writing assignment has 3 drafts
  • By revising each draft twice, the student will improve their writing.
  • The more a writer writes, and revises that writing, the better their writing becomes

What is Cohort Learning?

Most of our courses, such as Elemental Legal English or Elemental Business English, are study-at-your-own-pace. Each is designed to be a equivalent to a one semester course. However, students who want to dedicate the time can complete them in a shorter amount of time; or students can take their time and complete the course over several months. It is at the student's pace.

However, Elemental Legal Writing is a Cohort Learning course. A group of students go through the course together, collaborating and helping each other learn the material. Each cohort starts and ends the course together. 

The cohort will be limited to only 10 students. Students will be able to communicate through the forum on the 4 Legal English website. Students can ask questions to each other, discuss the assignments, ask for tips or help, etc. 

At the weekly webinar, students can interact with the instructor and the other students. During this video conference, the instructor will give some general feedback on the last assignment and some tips for the current assignment - but most of the time will be for students to ask questions

Students will also help each other by peer-reviewing each other's writing assignments. This is a great way to to improve your own writing as well: it is difficult to objectively edit or proofread your own writing - but by doing this for someone else's writing, you will begin to see some of the mistakes you have also made. 

Get started now!

Improve Your Professional And Legal Writing Skills

Course Schedule

The course schedule will be finalized before the course begins, after taking into account of the time availability of the students in the Cohort. We will find a time to meet in the weekly webinar that all students can attend - considering their work schedules and time zones.

The Classes will be for 15 weeks. These will explain the concepts involved and introduce new material. Some may have short exercises. The new writing assignments are introduced here.

The Webinars and Due Dates for Assignments will be for 20 weeks. This is because each writing assignment has 3 drafts. Of course the 2nd and 3rd drafts should be much quicker to complete, since the student is revising the earlier draft, taking into consideration the feedback already received.


The classes will be video lessons and be released on the same day each week. These will also include the next writing assignment(s). Students will be able to watch them at their convenience. 

Upload Writing Assignments

On the same day each week, students will upload their writing assignments due for this week. Keep in mind, most weeks include more than one writing assignment, but the due date is the same for all.

For example, Week 13 has five assignments due: the 1st draft of two short memos; returning the peer reviewed 1st draft of last week's assignment; and the 3rd drafts of two letters.


At the same time each week, the whole Cohort will meet for a video conference call. The Instructor will give some feedback on the last assignments and some tips for the current assignment, and students can ask questions. 

If a student is unable to attend, the webinar will be recorded and available to be watched later. 

What Students Say About the Instructor

Instructor is highly skilled professional

The instructor is highly skilled professional, who has a high level of knowledge, can manage course successfully and has great relationship with students.

Mariami ... Lawyer

He is always ready to help you

I would recommend this instructor to others for several reasons. He is a native speaker and has highly organized teaching methods. Also, if you are lost or confused that something is unclear, he is always ready to help you. Last but not least, you will find a friendly environment in his class.

Mariam Skhulukhia ... Lawyer

Makes the teaching process easier

The instructor is a native speaker and has great experience. Besides the knowledge of the issues, Mr. Barrett knows how to make the teaching process easier, non-stressful and interesting. Legal English has become part of my everyday life.

Maria Shirinyani ... Lawyer

Highly recommended

Highly recommended!

Eva Utavsauri

Timothy Barrett

The Instructor was a practicing attorney from the United States. He has been teaching law, academic writing, and legal writing in Georgia for several years. He has taught bachelor and master students, practicing lawyers, and judges.

Learn more about Timothy Barrett.

Limited Enrollment

This is a Cohort Learning course, and only accepts new students for a limited time when a new cohort is forming. We are forming the first cohort now! Students in this first cohort will receive a discount. This cohort will be limited in size. There is limited time to lock in your seat: once the class is full, enrollment ends and no more students will be accepted. 

Enrollment for this cohort has closed! 

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