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Walkthrough of the Legal English Course: Elemental Legal English

Online Legal English Training Course

If you are considering our e-course and want to see it in action before purchasing, here is your chance!

Online Course

Complete the course at your own pace and completely online!

Course materials are available online. Some materials are downloadable. The course is designed to take approximately 12 weeks to complete - but you can complete it at your own pace!

Improve Your Legal English Understanding

You will learn Legal English terms and practice using them.

The course includes numerous examples of terms and phrases being used in context. It also makes use of online exercises so that you can practice using these terms and gives you feedback so that you can improve!

Discuss Legal Issues in English

By improving your Legal English skills, you will be able to discuss legal issues in English.

Many attorneys need to discuss important legal issues in English with their clients, colleagues, opposing counsel, etc. To do this with confidence and in a professional manner, it is important to be familiar with the proper Legal English lexicon - the legal terms used by lawyers. This course will help you with this.

Each module has several video lessons, quizzes, case precedent for reading comprehension, listening exercise, flashcards to review the new terms, end of the module assessment. There is a downloadable pdf of important new terms that can be used to study during (and long after!) the course. Also included are grammar sections, idioms, 'Keep Learning" sections, and other exercises to help you improve your Legal English skills!

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