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Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Mysterious Copyright | Law in Practice | Podcast 028

4 Legal English Podcast | Episode 028


What is here today, but will disappear on January 1st, 2023?

In this episode, we discuss copyright law in general, and the copyright for Sherlock Holmes specifically. What happens when some works enter the public domain, but others remain under copyright? What happens when a copyright lasts longer in some countries? Is Sherlock Holmes still under copyright? 

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Sherlock Holmes

What do you think? Who was your favorite on-screen Sherlock? Comment below!


Some of the Lexicon words discussed in the podcast:

  1. assign
  2. assignee
  3. assignor
  4. copyright
  5. dismissed
  6. exclusive license
  7. infringe / infringement
  8. license
  9. licensee
  10. licensor
  11. public domain
  12. royalties
  13. stipulation of the parties
  14. time & geographic limitations
  15. with prejudice

Links & Resources

Some of the sources used for this episode, as well as other links that may be helpful.

  1. Klinger v. Conan Doyle Estate
  2. About the Klinger case: “Sherlock Holmes” Is Now Officially Off Copyright and Open for Business"
  3. Sherlock Holmes Belongs to Everyone
  4.  Guardian: Lawsuit over 'warmer' Sherlock depicted in Enola Holmes dismissed
  5. Ownership of the Sherlock Holmes Stories
  6. Official Estate is here
  7. Another Official site
  8. Discussion of copyrights, including a table
  9. Wikipedia: Arthur Conan Doyle
  10. Wikipedia: Sherlock Holmes
  11. Good explanation of "How long does a copyright last?"
  12. Cornell's Legal Information Institute: Copyright
  13. US Copyright Office: Copyright
  14. IMDB page for Enola Holmes
  15. IMDB page for Enola Holmes 2


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