December 20


Email Etiquette | Writing | Podcast 027

4 Legal English Podcast | Episode 027


In this episode, we discuss: Email Etiquette; Finding the proper Register for your email; how to improve your email writing; importance of the salutation; small talk debate; and brevity. 

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Email Etiquette

What do you think? Do you include small talk when you write an email? Take the quiz below and let me know!

Survey Quiz about Email Etiquette

Take this short survey about emailing! I want to know about your email thoughts.

Email Etiquette Lexicon

Some of the Lexicon words discussed in the podcast:

  1. at arms length
  2. brevity
  3. escalate / escalation
  4. register
  5. salutation
  6. small talk


Business Email Writing

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4 Legal English Podcast

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