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Word of the Week: Consideration | Podcast 023

4 Legal English Podcast | Episode 023

In this episode, we spotlight the word: Consideration

This is an ongoing series we have - we focus on a lexicon word. We discuss this word, its meaning, and how it is used by lawyers. This is a short episode, explaining the Word of the Week.

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Word of the Week: Consideration


Consideration is one of the Legal English lexicon words that has a very different meaning in everyday English than in Legal English. In fact, many native English speakers may not understand the legal meaning.

Consideration is one of the elements required to form a contract in Common Law. These four elements are: offer, acceptance, intention, and consideration.

Some phrases with the word consideration:

  • adequate consideration
  • and other good and valuable consideration
  • due consideration
  • sufficient consideration
  • valuable consideration
  • fair consideration
  • future consideration
  • express consideration
  • implied consideration

Listen to the episode for a full explanation and more examples of this important Legal English term!

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