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Under Suspicion & Police Interviews | Legal Movies | Podcast 022

4 Legal English Podcast | Episode 022

In this episode, we discuss the 2000 movie "Under Suspicion", starring Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman. This movie is about a police interview of a murder suspect. What was supposed to be a quick 10 minute conversation turned into an interrogation that went on all evening.

We will focus on: Police interview/interrogation process and techniques.

This is an ongoing series we will have - featuring some of the best legal movies. We will examine the law demonstrated in the movie, and what can lawyers or law students learn from this movie, as well as the entertainment aspect.

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Under Suspicion | Legal Movies

Lexicon Words

Here are some of the Legal English Lexicon words that were discussed in this episode. 

  1. admission
  2. admit
  3. circumstantial evidence
  4. confess
  5. confession
  6. direct evidence
  7. indirect evidence
  8. interrogator
  9. interrogate
  10. Interrogatee
  11. interrogation
  12. interview
  13. interview
  14. Interviewee
  15. interviewer

Are you familiar with these words? Ask questions by commenting below!

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4 Legal English Podcast

What do you think of this episode? Was this an entertaining thriller? How would you have acted if you were the one 'under suspicion'? Or, how would you have handled the interview, if you were the captain here?

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