September 12


Mar-A-Largo Raid: Search Warrant Executed Against a Former President | Law in the News | Podcast 020

4 Legal English Podcast | Episode 020

Mar-A-Largo Resort and Trump's Residence

In this episode, we discuss the search warrant executed against the former president of the US, Donald Trump. What does this mean for the rule of law? Will the details of the affidavit, or the results of the search, ever be revealed to the public? Will this be the new norm, of the party in power using the courts and law enforcement to go after their political opponents?

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Mar-A-Largo Raid | Law in the News

FBI Agents outside Mar-A-Largo


The district court judge in this case has ruled about appointing a "special master". The DOJ has filed additional motions and may appeal to the appellate court ( the Circuit Court of Appeals).

If you are interested in learning more about new developments in this case, comment below! If there is interest, I will record a follow-up episode.

Lexicon Words

Here are some of the Legal English Lexicon words that were discussed in this episode. 

  1. Affidavit
  2. Attorney-client privilege
  3. DOJ
  4. Duty judge / duty magistrate
  5. Execution (of a search warrant)
  6. FBI
  8. Magistrate
  9. POTUS
  10. Privilege
  11. Probable Cause (P/C)
  12. Special master

Are you familiar with these words? Ask questions by commenting below!

Related Links

Here are some links discussed in or related to this episode.

  • Redacted Affidavit
  • Jonathan Turley on the Affidavit (Prof Turley is a respected legal scholar on the left and politically anti-Trump, although often his legal analysis is in favor of Trump)
  • Complaint against the magistrate
  • Powers of a Magistrate
  • About the Privilege Review Team
  • Mar-A-Largo Club: consider staying here for your next vacation

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4 Legal English Podcast

What do you think of this episode? Was this a proper investigation, proving no one is above the law? Or something crooked? Will any criminal (or civil) charges come from this raid? What will be the political effects?

 Comment below!

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