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Caine Mutiny | Legal Movies | Podcast 016

4 Legal English Podcast | Episode 016

In this episode, we discuss the classic movie: The Caine Mutiny.

This movie is about a warship in the Pacific during WWII. The officers of the ship begin to think the Captain is not mentally fit to command, (i.e., is going crazy). It comes to a head when, during a typhoon, the XO relieves him of command in order to prevent the ship from foundering. Once the storm is over and they return to port - he faces a court martial for Mutiny.

Caine Mutiny poster

A mutiny is a rebellion against lawful authority, especially sailors onboard a ship against the captain of the ship.

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Legal Movies: The Caine Mutiny

Caine Mutiny Courtroom

The Court Martial scene. The board sits on the long table. The Prosecution table is on the left and the Defense table is on the right. The Witness stand is in the middle.

More About: The Caine Mutiny

The movie is based on the book of the same name written by Herman Wouk. 

Here is the original trailer for the movie:


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Caine Mutiny
Caine Mutiny

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