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Improve your Legal English skills to understand important legal concepts when conducting Legal Research

As modern lawyers, it becomes more and more common, even necessary, to conduct research from international sources of law. Most commonly, these sources are in English.

However, knowing general English is not sufficient. One must understand the Legal English terms, vocabulary, collocations, and concepts, in order to fully understand the legal texts.

By improving your Legal English skills, you improve your ability to conduct effective legal research.

This helps you become a better lawyer and more competitive. Of course, this also benefits both your client and your law firm. 

Important Sources of Law are available in English

If you can conduct your legal research in English, then you open up many doors.

There are countless sources that are written in English and are available. However, you need to have not just general English skills, but Legal English skills in order to understand the legal texts.

Here are just some potential sources:

  • Court decisions from the United States and United Kingdom
  • Court decisions from European courts: European Court of Human Rights and Court of Justice of the European Union
  • Decisions from International Tribunals: International Criminal Court, World Trade Organization's Appellate Body, etc. 
  • Legal Treatises: very important and influential treatises are often written in English, even if the author is not from an English speaking country
  • International Arbitration and Mediation rules, precedents, and treatises are usually in English
  • International Treaties almost always have an authoritative English version
  • Secondary Sources, such as newspapers, magazines, news-sites, and countless other websites are often in English. There is a vast amount of information online that is freely available, if you understand English

Ready to Improve your Legal English?

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“Learning legal terms is important for career”

“Learning legal terms is important for your career, especially during globalization processes, where legal English is mostly used, as international contracts are drafted in the English language. Today it is not enough just to know general English, in the business world communication process becomes more professional and specialized.”


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