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Many legal professionals find themselves with a need to communicate legal concepts in English, but find it difficult to do this. Without knowing the proper words and vocabulary that lawyers use, it is challenging to discuss legal issues.

A Lawyer needs to communicate

In the 21st Century, many attorneys need to know not just their own language but also English, so that they can both communicate and negotiate with Clients, Foreign companies, International organizations, Opposing counsel, and International tribunals. 

Become a Better Lawyer

Many law firms require their attorneys (especially new attorneys) to know English. Indeed, if your understanding of Legal English is limited, then your career prospects may be limited as well. 

Legal English Terms

The course will teach many Legal English terms that lawyers need to understand. Examples of sentences using these terms and collocations are throughout the course - so that you not only learn the meaning of the terms, you can see it being used in different contexts.

Lexicon Workbook

This Lexicon Workbook lists the important words (and their definitions) from the course. This is a great resource to review and study from.

Case Law for Reading Comprehension

Each module includes a court precedent that is used to explain the law and also to improve your reading comprehension. A discussion of the case is also included. 

Flashcard Review

Each module includes a set of flashcards to help review the important Legal English words learned in the module. This is an excellent way to study the terms. 

What’s In The Course

Each module has: 6-8 video lessons; several quizzes that follow the video lessons; Case law (a court decision used for reading comprehension); Listening exercises; Flashcards to review all the new lexicon words; End of the module assessment to test your knowledge of the material learned.


Module 1: The Legal Profession

  • Module 1 introduces students to the course and we will examine the Common Law and the Legal Profession.


Module 4: Employment Law

  • Module 4 considers Employment law, employment contracts, and employment terms.


Module 7: Business Organizations

  • Module 7 considers business organizations, both under common law and modern statutory schemes, and related terms.


Module 10: Termination & IP Law

  • Module 10 examines the termination of contracts and related issues (such as warranties, force majeure, material breach) and at Intellectual Property Law.


Module 2: Banking

  • Module 2 looks at banking and loan terms that are frequently used in business law.


Module 5: Tort Law

  • Module 5 examines tort law, related concepts, and terms.


Module 8: Criminal Law

  • Module 8 examines the field of criminal law and criminal procedure, how this works in the US, and related terms.


Module 11: Appearing in Court

  • Module 11 looks at court practice, appearing in court, and related terms.


Module 3: Contract Law

  • Module 3 introduces important concepts of contract under Common Law


Module 6: Drafting Contracts

  • Module 6 looks at drafting contracts, common sections of contracts, and related terms.


Module 9: Company Law

  • Module 9 looks at how companies are organized, the people involved, and the legal considerations of corporate governance and management.


Module 12: EU Law

  • Module 12 examines EU law, the legal organizations of the EU and common EU law terms

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About The Course Teacher, Timothy Barrett

Originally from the United States, Timothy Barrett has been a law professor in Georgia for the past several years.

Professor Barrett has taught Legal English to over 1,000 students. He has developed a Legal English curriculum of four courses for bachelor of law students at the largest private law school in Georgia. He has taught Legal English to practicing attorneys and judges, as well as TOLES preparation courses.

Before moving to Georgia, he was a practicing attorney in the United States, with significant courtroom and jury trial experience. He has a background in civil law, working in private practice, as well as in criminal law, as a prosecutor and as a decorated police officer with the New York Police Department.

Why Elemental Legal English 

is so Valuable

Elemental Legal English is based on a semester length course taught at a university and also to practicing attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals. There is over 50 hours of online content.

If you were to take a similar course at a university, it would be much more expensive. And it would be time restricted. One of the great advantages to E-Courses is that you can work on them on your schedule, not the instructors. Perhaps you have extra free time and want to get the course done quickly? Or perhaps you start taking the course, but then something comes up and you cannot work on it for a few weeks? Either way it is not a problem: the course is there when you are ready for it.

If you were to hire a private instructor to teach this material, it could be prohibitively expensively. Private tutors who teach advanced topics such as Legal English usually charge at least €20 per hour, often €30+, some charge even €50 or more. This would mean €1,000, €1500, or even €2,500 or more for similar training!

Additionally, this is a course that has been the result of teaching over 1,000 students! Over the past several years, Timothy Barrett has taught Legal English in many venues with many different students; each time, improving and honing the course. The Elemental Legal English course that is offered to you is the result of this process. You get to benefit from the material developed for and included in this e-course.



Elemental Legal English

  • Lifetime Access*
  • Access to All Modules
  • Downloadable Lexicon Workbook
  • Official Certificate upon successful completion
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    Elemental Legal English


    Elemental Legal English Gold
    • Lifetime Access*
    • Access to All Modules
    • Downloadable Lexicon Workbook
    • Official Certificate upon successful completion
  • 4 Live Webinars (with Limited number of students)
  • 2 private coaching video-calls of 60 minutes each
  • You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee for 30 Days.

    If you are not 100% satisfied with the course, 
    we will refund your purchase price.

    If for some reason you are not satisfied with the course, please let us know and we will work diligently to resolve any problems that we can fix. If you are still not satisfied, of course we will return your full purchase price. Please contact about any complaints before you complete half of the course and before 30 days after your purchase. 

    Importance of Legal English


    Legal English is almost its own language. With many words or terms having an 'everyday English' meaning and a different 'Legal English' meaning.

    To competently discuss important legal matters, it is paramount to understand the vocabulary that lawyers use.

    It can be frustrating to not understand what the terms or phrases being used mean. Or even worse: to misunderstand.

    The course will teach many Legal English terms that lawyers need to understand. We will also discuss common collocations - so that you will be familiar with how lawyers frequently use these words. Examples of sentences using these terms and collocations are throughout the course - so that you not only learn the meaning of the terms, you can see it being used in different contexts.

    This course is designed to help you improve your Legal English skills.

    Frequently asked questions

    Why Study Legal English?

    If you are in the legal field and need or desire to communicate in English, then our programs for you. These courses will help you improve your Legal English Skills. The legal field, like any field, has many terms of are and collocations used by those in the field. It is important to understand these and use them correctly in order to be seen as a professional. Read more Here.

    Will I earn a Certificate?

    Yes! An Official Certificate will be issued when a student completes the course successfully. This is downloadable (and printable) as a PDF file.

    Would Law Firms be interested in this Training?

    Yes! When your attorneys improve their Legal English skills, your whole law firm can benefit. Today, law firms look for new attorneys that speak more than one language – usually the local language and English. If your law firm is seeking to improve the Legal English skills of your attorneys, our courses can help. Please Contact us if you want training for five or more in order to obtain a discount for your firm.

    What is Lifetime Access?

    *Lifetime Access: You will have access to the course online through our website and can complete the course as often as you desire. If for any reason the website were to close down, we would make the course materials downloadable and available to all purchasers for three months after the termination of the site.

    How long does it take to complete the course?

    The course has 12 modules and is designed to spend one week on each module. This is based on a university semester length course. Of course, you are able to complete it at a faster or slower pace! If some parts are more challenging, you may want to spend more time reviewing the lessons and practicing with the flashcards and quizzes; if other sections are easier for you, then you may want to go through them at a faster pace.

    The online content is over 50 hours. This does not include time you spend reviewing the material.

    How does an online course work?

    Once you purchase the course, you will have access to the course and course materials. You can login and start the course! There are video lessons, reading texts, interactive quizzes, listening exercises, flashcards to review vocabulary and concepts, and assessment tests at the end of each module.

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