Criminal Law Lexicon

Explanations and Exercises to Understand Criminal Law Terms

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Book Description

4 Legal English: Criminal Law Lexicon - Explanations and Exercises to Understand Criminal Law Terms is a great way to learn important criminal law vocabulary and phrases. There are over 550 exercises for you to both test your comprehension and improve your knowledge. After you complete the book, you can take a free online exam to make sure you understand the material covered in the book. The author was a prosecutor and NYPD Police Officer before becoming a law professor.


Readers of the book can access free online content, including a forum for Q&A, answers to the exercises in the book, and an online exam.

If you have trouble with a question, comment on the book’s page on the 4 Legal English website. This online forum is a great way to discuss any questions you might have. The forum is open to other readers of the book and the author himself; if you ask a question here, you will get a response from the author and/or other readers. The author runs the website is actively involved there.

The suggested answers to the exercises are available online and readers can check their results quickly and easily.

After completing the book, take an online exam to make sure you understand the material covered. This is free for readers of the book! You only need to provide an email address to get the results.


This book is designed for non-native English speakers who want to improve their understanding of the proper Legal English terms concerning the field of Criminal Law. Although native English speakers looking to learn more about these legal terms would find this a very informative book, as well. This book introduces this lexicon and gives examples of using these words.

If you are law student, lawyer, judge, police officer, legal translator, or other legal professional, then this book can help you. If you are seeking to complete a master’s of law (LLM) in the United States, or in the English Language anywhere else in the world, then this book can help you. If you live in the United States and are looking to improve your understanding of the criminal justice system and the vocabulary involved, then this book can help you.


The author is a former felony prosecutor and decorated police officer with the New York Police Department; he has been teaching Legal English to foreign law students, lawyers, and judges for several years. 

Timothy Barrett


Each chapter contains explanations of key terms that are frequently used by professionals in criminal law – these are the criminal law lexicon words. Then there are exercises to test and reinforce your understanding of these terms. Additionally, you are able to see how these lexicon words are used in context.

There are five chapters to the book: Primer on Criminal Law; Advanced Criminal Law; Criminal Offenses; Punishment & Sentences; and Criminal Procedure. The first chapter is a great introduction to this field and could serve as a stand-alone source. The remaining chapters go into the sphere of Criminal Law more deeply and discuss the concepts involved.

The lexicon words are introduced and explained, then exercises and examples of their use is provided. Each chapter also includes an examination of a statute, a discussion (between a lawyer and another lawyer or a lawyer and a client), a grammar exercise on different word forms, a short writing exercise, a role-play, and prepositions.

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