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We have taught Legal English to over 1,000 students. Take advantage of our expertise to improve your Legal English Skills, and enhance your career prospects. 

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This website includes online Courses and Blog posts. If you are seeking to improve your Legal English skills, this site will help you. 


Many legal professionals struggle with their English skills. To be able to effectively communicate in English is becoming a necessity for every lawyer. 


This website helps improve your Legal English skills. By reading our Blog, you can learn more about Common Law legal systems, the US legal system, Legal English terms and common collocations, and general English skills. By taking our Courses, you can focus on improving your Legal English skills through these online courses at your own pace.

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Improve Your Legal English Skills

Our Courses and Blog are a great way to improve your Legal English skills. Take advantage of the site to enhance your professional skills and increase your knowledge. 

International Communication

In the Twenty-First Century, the world is inter-connected and communication is key. For legal professionals (lawyers, judges, legal translators, and others in the field), everyday English skills are not sufficient. Legal English skills are paramount when negotiating international contracts, treaties, and countless other agreements.

You control the Learning

Our courses are designed for you to improve your Legal English skills at your own pace, from the comfort of your home, office, favorite coffee-shop, or wherever you may be. 


You will learn Legal English terms, concepts of Common Law legal systems – used in England, the United States, and other countries – and also improve your reading comprehension and listening skills. 

Explore our Books

Dive into a world of words and wisdom. Discover the books that have shaped careers, transformed communication, and empowered professionals around the globe. Explore our collection of written treasures and embark on a journey of knowledge, growth, and excellence. Click here to learn more about the books we've crafted for you.

Why Study Legal English?

Many law firms today need lawyers who can speak both the local language and an international language – usually that is English. To be competitive, a modern lawyer needs the ability to communicate in English.

Important Skills

You will learn these important skills by studying with us. After the completion of each course, you will receive an official Certificate.

Terms of Art & Common Collocations

However, knowing general English is not sufficient. You need to understand Legal English terms and collocations if you are going to: 1) give legal advice to a client; 2) negotiate with another attorney; 3) make legal arguments in front of an international tribunal (a court, arbitration panel, etc.); or 4) simply meet and network with colleagues at an international conference. 

Looking to improve your

Legal English skills?

Explore our online courses.

Court Columns

Elemental Legal English

This is the first course in our Legal English program. We will examine several fields of law and learn the related legal terms. The course will also introduce you to the Common Law legal system, used in England and the United States.

Legal English Conversational

Legal English Conversational

This is a great way to improve both your speaking and listening skills. You will have individual video calls and have the opportunity to discuss relevant legal matters. The instructor will work with you to develop a program of topics that are suited for improving your oral skills and relevant to your legal interest.

Elemental Legal Writing

Elemental Legal Writing

This course helps non-native English speakers improve their legal and professional writing. The course focuses on memos, letters, and emails. Emphasis is on editing and revising writing, in order to improve the final draft. This course is Cohort Learning - where all the students start and complete the course together. Due to this, enrollment is limited. 

Elemental Business English

Elemental Business English

This course will introduce you to Business English! We will learn new terms through video lessons and practice with flashcards and a quiz. You will also be able to download a Lexicon Workbook to complete and study from.

Intro to Legal English

Intro to Legal English

If you are not yet ready to buy, you can take our free course, Intro to Legal English. This is a great way to try out some of the lessons and features, before purchasing Elemental Legal English.

Who Should Take Our Courses?

These courses are appropriate for legal professionals of all levels. Some of our past students have included:

  1. 1
    Law students (bachelors & masters levels)
  2. 2
    Practicing attorneys (some sent by their law firms, others on their own initiative – seeking to improve their Legal English skills as a way to improve their practice)
  3. 3
    Judges (who recognized the need to enhance their Legal English skills in order to participate in international conferences & trainings, as well as to more easily read international court cases, e.g., ECtHR or CJEU, and other legal scholarship written in English)
  4. 4
    Legal translators and legal assistants

Instructor is very friendly, he helps students to understand better each issue, speaks slowly and concentrates to the substantive parts of the class. His experience comes from the various parts of legal environment, so he can share his working and academic experience to students. 


Tamar Simonishvili  | Lawer

I would recommend this instructor to others for several reasons. He is a native speaker and has highly organized teaching methods. Also, if you are lost or confused that something is unclear, he is always ready to help you. Last but not least, you will find a friendly environment in his class. 

Mariam Skhulukhia  | Lawyer

Great course!!! Very informative and interesting! Easy to follow and understand.

Tamar Jincharadze  | LLM Student

I recommend this course as a great opportunity to learn legal English!

Nino Kharazishvili  | 

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Pandemic Response

These e–courses are based on courses that were taught to students in-person. However, in response to the Pandemic and growing need for online learning, these courses have been adapted for the online learning environment – with the goal of maximizing the best aspects of online learning!


I'm  Timothy Barrett

I am the instructor and designer of the e-courses at 4 Legal English. Originally from the United States, I have been a lecturer in Georgia for the past several years.  I have taught Legal English to over 1,000 students over the past several years.

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Great course!! Very informative and interesting! Easy to follow and understand.

Tamar Jincharadze

I recommend this course as a great opportunity to learn legal English!

Nino Kharazishvili

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